This Ford Model A Hot Rod limo for sale is perfect for your punk rock prom night

If you’ve ever wanted to know what sort of limo James Hetfield would ride in if he became president, look no further. This hot rod stretch limo is custom built, built by combining two 30s Ford model likeand it is currently for sale on craigslistin Southern California.

To make this hot rod limo, two Ford Model A chassis were combined, along with most of their bodies. The front fenders are from an A-model, while the rear bodywork is custom. The entire body is made of steel and it has a long smooth roof, so there will be no standing through the sunroof in this limo. It’s painted in a two-tone champagne and charcoal color scheme, the former for the main body and the latter for the fenders, and it has wire wheels wrapped in whitewall tires.

Inside is a typical hot rod, with a full black leather interior, black painted dashboard and custom three-spoke steering wheel. However, since it is also a limo, it has a long bench seat that extends to the side of the interior, as well as black window trim and LED light bars. Looks like it was made for Axl Rose’s bachelor party.

The hot-rod limo is powered by a 460-cubic-inch Ford V8, which develops 375 horsepower, according to the seller. It is mated to a three-speed Ford C6 automatic transmission, which sends power to the rear axle via a super-long driveshaft. It also gets side exhausts, which exit just behind the rear door. It even has air conditioning for the forward and aft cabins. Sitting on the rear bumper is a glossy black trunk, which I suspect is filled with nothing but a pair of pearl-handle pistols and a bottle of whiskey.

The seller claims there is over $80,000 invested in this build and only 49 miles have been driven since it was done. It appears to be in fantastic condition with no visible signs of wear. They’re asking $75,000 for this hot rod limo, which sounds like a lot of money. But if you like looking like Tommy Lee’s limo driver, it might be worth it.

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