This Restomod Shop Is Evaluating Some Dodgy Classic Muscle Cars For Sale

Chris from the YouTube channel RestoMods notice three classic cars currently for sale on the Internet to discuss whether each car is worth fixing or whether it should be a car that is passed on.

If you are someone looking for a used classic muscle car for sale now, Chris offers great advice on how to review a for sale listing to decide if the car is a good option to add to your garage or not. Watch the video to see a classic Dodge, Chevy and Plymouth being reviewed.

Fix or Succeed: 1970 Dodge Challenger

The first car is a 1970 Dodge Challenger currently listed on eBay Motors. The Challenger has a 340 engine with a four-speed transmission that would have been in place since 1975. According to the listing, the car only has 18,000 miles on the odometer, although Chris suspects the odometer may have passed 100,000 as subtle clues. in the verbiage of the listing indicate that the seller cannot verify the mileage. The car is part of an estate sale and they found it parked in a shed.

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The Challenger is colored orange with an orange interior and equipped with power steering and power brakes. The car suffered damage following an accident, visible by the front of the car being a different color from the rest of the bodywork. There is also minor rust on the car.

The seller claims to have managed to start the car with minimal effort. Although it has an aftermarket sunroof installed in the 1970s, the seller has a second roof if a potential buyer doesn’t want the sunroof.

Despite the low mileage, the interior is in poor condition and would require major work to prepare for the auto show. Overall, Chris feels the car is worth fixing given the information provided and the condition highlighted in the photos.

A classic Chevrolet and a Plymouth

Fix or Succeed 27
By: YouTube – Restomods

The next car, a 1952 Chevy Fleetline is for sale on the Facebook Marketplace and listed for $10,000. It’s a California car, which usually means there’s little to no rust. The two-door fastback car does not have an engine or transmission in the car currently, but the seller has a 235 inline-6 ​​engine and three-speed transmission that is correct for the car and easy to install.

The ad photos don’t show the car well, with a flat tire, one of the doors held on by a ratchet strap, and many parts stuck in the engine bay. Chris has seen cars in similar condition cost less, but overall he feels that despite the car being slightly overpriced, he thinks it is fixable. This may be because he owns a Fleetline himself and really likes these cars.

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The last car Chris reviews is a 1973 PlymouthCuda which is for sale on Craigslist with a 440 automatic and 55,446 miles on the odometer. He suspects it has done over 100,000 miles at one point and the car has a very brief description which reveals that it runs and drives but will need some work to restore it to good condition.

The car has aftermarket Recaro seats, large gaps in the body panels and exposed wiring inside. The photo of the engine bay is blurry and it is clear that some parts of the car’s mechanicals are not original although the car does not appear to have any significant rust issues. The seller is asking $30,000 for the car, which Chris says is expensive given the limited information provided about the car.

His assessment is to pass on the car although he encourages interested buyers to view the car in person, and the “or best offer” element of the ad can be an effective negotiating tool for interested buyers.

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