#TRENDING 10/11/22: 78% of Americans do their Christmas shopping on Craigslist | Steve Harvey’s Morning Show

78% of Americans will do their Christmas shopping on Craigslist this year?

Are you going to spend Black Friday this year. . . Christmas shopping in a neighbor’s garage?

In a new poll, 78% of Americans say they are looking to save money this holiday season by buying second-hand gifts. And not vintage collectibles or refurbished electronics.

These people would go to “re-commerce” sites like OfferUp, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and eBay to get cheaper, little-used products.

75% of Americans say giving second-hand gifts has become more socially acceptable. And 86% say they are “likely” to buy second-hand gifts. . . or at least check the price of a gift on resale sites before buying it new at retail price.

There is no list of the types of products people buy used. . . but it looks like some of us might be dumping clothes on Poshmark.

In a separate space survey, 45% of people say they own clothes that have only been worn ONCE. . . and many of these people no longer see themselves wearing these items, either because they no longer match their style OR their physique.

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Originally published November 10, 2022


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