WE WERE PROMISED HONEY! Coming to Soho Theater next month

After its critically acclaimed tour at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the spellbinding solo exhibition returns for a limited time to the heart of London’s West End. From the award-winning artist Neighborhood Sam (Verity Bates Awards 2022 finalist; Five Encounters on a Site Called Craigslist; YESYESNONO) We Were Promised Honey! will immerse the audience in the experience of what it means to tell a story when we have already been told how it ends. The show is a joyous and apocalyptic exploration of the future in which Neighborhood Sam interrogates our generation’s collective feelings of uncertainty with lyrical text.

Award-winning theater company YESYESNONO presents a show of hopeless and hopeless prophecy for the earth and humanity. We were promised honey! is a story of us, our future, heaven and how we get there in the end. From the creators of Five Encounters on a Site Called Craigslist and The Accident Did Not Take Place, this act of community storytelling tells the audience’s future, what will happen to them in the minutes, centuries and millennia after the show ends.

Neighborhood Sam, performer and writer, The show is an attempt to try and communicate what it feels like to live towards an inevitable end. We wanted to do something that was accessible to everyone, while exploring experimental storytelling techniques, bringing the whole audience into the process of telling their own story. Ultimately, we didn’t want to tell a story about the future that would just tell the audience that everything will be fine; rather, we wanted to ask: how do we live when we know things won’t go well? The story of the audience’s future, what will happen to them in the years, decades and centuries after this show ends. They are fables of hopeless hope in the face of overwhelming despair, uniting audiences in a quest for catastrophe.

We were promised honey! invites the public to participate; reading lines, playing parts and singing. There is a tree planted inside a theatre; a man on fire in the middle of the desert; two lovers reunited in a flooded city; a spaceship on the edge of a black hole. There is hope, despair and everything else.

YESYESNONO returns to solo theatrical creation, pushing his audience participation techniques to new heights in an exploration of future imaginings, climate catastrophe, global desperation and the political potential of theatrical space.

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