We’re addicted to missed connections from Boise

Missed connections are happening all around us, and that’s absolutely fantastic. Check out our updated list of Boise’s best missed hookups on Craigslist! Do you have your own MC? Are you someone else’s main character? Oh the intrigue!

1) Tobacco Connection – Payette, June 8

“You work at Tobacco Connection in Payette, super handsome guy and you always make me laugh. I come after work, usually just to see you. Would love to talk and get to know you…”

More like multiple missed opportunities. At this point, it would seem weird if he connected with you here instead of you just asking for his cell the next time you chat.


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2) Man in Boots – Nampa, June 7

“I saw you walking down the street and I had to say hi, you are the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen in my entire life. I want you so much and I will do anything for you. ‘have !
So would you please come show me who you love because you are my love…”



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3) Beautiful girl at “Albertsins” on Lake Hazel – Nampa, June 7

“We kept passing each other in different aisles. I don’t think you were looking at me but I was definitely you. I think you are beautiful, if you see this I hope to at least say hi.”

And the winner of the most vague/nondescript missed connection goes to…this guy.


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4) Edson Street Weeds – on…Edson Street, June 6

“To the beautiful lady pulling the weeds in her garden today on Edson Street. Thank you! I know you caught me watching, I couldn’t help it. If you have need help pulling those weeds let me know if not maybe a drink?
What was I doing on that street to let me know it’s you.”

A man who freely offers to do the gardening for you?! Marry him. Like now.


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5) Justin – Anywhere ID June 2

“All I can say is wow…your eyes are giving me butterflies. I wonder what your hugs look like.

And we wonder if you realize how scary you sound.


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6) You’ve Got Mail – Boise, June 2

“I miss you. I miss our conversations. Your advice. Your encouragement. You were the only one who understood me. The only one I could talk to. I hate you for leaving me.”

And we hate how much you just did that.


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8) Snow Tha / Beetlejuice Project – Boise, June 1

“I chatted on the smoking deck at Snow’s gig at the Knitting Factory. I had pictures bought for us by a stranger. Spent a lunchtime watching with a bully.”

“Look up at noon. Okeydokey.


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9) Beautiful Blonde Woman at Axiom Village – Meridian, May 31

“We made eye contact, exchanged smiles and quickly moved on to say hello on Tuesday around noon. We were on the machines and you moved on a treadmill. You have short hair, beautiful eyes and a smile. Can.- you describe me…”

Looks like she was more in practice than you, bro.


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ten) Young woman in a black pick-up at the bank – Nampa, May 31

“I held the door as you entered the branch. You offered a sincere thank you and a smile. After your things inside, you got into a black van parked next to mine in gray. We smiled again. The cliché…”I know this is long, but”…definitely applies here! Contact me if you want to chat?”

Pro tip: Referring to a future lover as “young woman” makes a man look instantly old and creepy.


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14 of Boise’s Best Craigslist Missed Hookups

Scary or flattering? A look at Idaho’s missed matches

We take a look at some of Idaho’s top “missed connections” on Craigslist to see if they’re scary or flattering. What do you think?


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