Woman who has 11 kids with eight men slams troll critics who question parenting: ‘I have to do the math’

A woman who claims to be 11 years old children with eight different men responded to trolls who questioned her parenting decisions.

Phieudora “Phi”, who is from Memphis, Tennessee, and goes by the name @phieudoraa on ICT Tacjokingly responded to the question she’s “sick of having to explain” in a video uploaded to the app in August.

“One thing I’m tired of having to explain is why I have eight baby daddies. Alright, so I’m going to explain this to you once for all of you so there’s no more questions,” Phi said. “You get one, and you take one away, you get zero.”

The mother on 11 recognized that “if you have eight, and you take away three, you still have five”.

“You have to do the math,” Phi added in the caption of the video, which has since been viewed more than three million times.

In a follow-up video, in which Phi responded to a commenter who asked, “Girl why?” the TikToker once again jokingly asked why she would have “one baby daddy when you can have five” or more.

Phi also joked about whether she plans to have more children in a video shared with her TikTok last month. In this video, she claimed that she planned to have “19 more ‘kids’ just to make 30.”

As for where she “finds” the men to have kids with, she joked that she “usually uses Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, or bulletin boards.”

“You know, nothing too extreme though,” she added.

Since her first video, Phi has shared a number of videos in response to the criticism she received. While many continued to question his parenthood, others defended the TikTok user.

“Why do people hate it? ‘All I see are happy, well taken care of children,’ one person wrote in the comments under a recent video, while another said, ‘There’s nothing wrong with having lots of children. You don’t have to prove to anyone how good a mother you are.

The Independent has contacted Phieudora for comment.

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