Your guide to dealing with your horrible roommate

If you’re a neat freak or just a tidy person, the everyday sight of dirty dishes piling up in the sink, clothes strewn from the bedroom to the living room, or clumps of soaked hair strewn all over the tub can give a nightmare. . In this case, what you need to do is approach your messy roommate and calmly express your grievances, for Roomsurf. Rather than sounding accusatory with phrases like “you are,” make your complaints more about how you feel by using more “I feel.” For example, “I feel uncomfortable waking up with unwashed dishes loaded in the sink.” or “I can’t sit down to watch TV when your laundry is strewn across the couch.”

Speaking of which, you should also have a candid conversation about which areas of shared residence are personal and common. For example, each person should keep their clothing and personal care items in their bedroom rather than on the dining table or in the shared bathroom. Meanwhile, you can also create a chore chart and make sure everyone is doing their fair share to keep the living space clean, ApartmentSearch advise. A chore chart can include daily and weekly chores such as picking up trash, mopping floors, and cooking. Not only is a chore chart a great way to set up a household organization system, but it also inspires a sense of responsibility and gives each party an increased sense of ownership of their living space.

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